These are brief loglines for my current project list – the things I am writing (or have written most recently). My full list of projects can be viewed on the relevant TV, short film or feature film pages, while two page pitches and full scripts can be provided on request – just give me a shout.

TV – Give You Up

Teenage tearaway Tracy Rodda escapes her Cornish foster home and travels back to 1988 to put her birth parents on a track away from petty crime, drugs and alcohol abuse.

TV – Sleeper

66-year-old Russian widow Yana’s quaint home counties retirement is upturned when her chemotherapy triggers dormant cold war post-hypnotic training as a Soviet sleeper agent.

TV – Kingdom. Power. Glory.

Congolese priest Father Kabila faces secrets and lies in his Donegal parish after he rejects a Vatican promotion to investigate the suspicious suicide of an abused local boy.

TV – The Wild West Country

Fargo meets Luther in a black comedy about Matilda Moody, a struggling PHD Criminology student who finds her quaint Cornish fishing village ruled by a vicious, diabolical family of drug smugglers 

Short film – Dog Years

Suicidal and depressed, Demelza promises to leap from the cliffs of her Cornish village once her elderly dog Lucky, and last tie to the world dies. Can she find a reason to live before he snuffs it?

Short film – Monster Next Door

A dark comedy fantasy homage to Rear Window. The Tudor family are ethical human-friendly vampires hiding in suburbia who discover that their neighbour is a serial killer, and risk exposing their secrets to bring him to justice.

Feature film – Kill the Rabbit

Mary Poppins with more gun fights. An adventure about Gidgit, a cartoon-obsessed girl whose parents hires a trio of drifter ex-soldiers to protect their Cornish pub from extortionate criminals. 

Feature film – Channel of the Dead

Pessimistic reporter Andy discovers he is miraculously cleared of the terminal cancer he hid from the world on the day his London news station plays host to the zombie apocalypse.

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