These are brief loglines for my current project list – the things I am writing (or have written most recently) in each format. My full list of projects can be viewed on the relevant TV, short film or feature film pages, while two page pitches, full scripts and manuscripts can be provided on request – just give me a shout.

TV – The Wild West Country

A very quaint, British Fargo. A black comedy about Matilda Moody, a struggling PHD Criminology student who finds her quaint Cornish fishing village ruled by a vicious, diabolical family of drug smugglers.

TV – The Departed Talent Agency

Nancy, a lonely talent agent who only represents the estates of dead celebrities discovers Olivia, a high-profile author on her books  faked her own death; Olivia searches for a comeback while Nancy searches for companionship with her only living client.

Short film – A Dog’s Life

A tragic comedy; Demelza, the lone survivor of the car wreck that killed her husband and baby, makes a pact to end it all once her elderly dog Lucky, the last remnant of her former life passes away, but he refuses to die.

Short film – Exonerated

Sloane, an inexperienced detective is torn between loyalty to her veteran partner, Mackendrick and commitment to uphold the law when Paulie Dooling, the biggest arrest of Mackendrick’s career is exonerated of murder. After a new body is found, Mackendrick is so convinced of Paulie’s guilt that he makes plans to frame him for the new crime, while the real killer is in front of them all along.

Feature film – The Lookalike

A jet black comedy about Walter Ziegler a successful celebrity lookalike of 90s sitcom star Frankie Farrell, whose life is decimated when his famous doppelgänger is accused of rape and the face that was Walter’s greatest gift becomes the face of a monster.

Project taken to 2017 Edinburgh International Film Festival Talent Lab.

Feature film – Debt or Alive

Glengarry Glen Ross meets American Psycho. A cut throat estate agency threatens to fire the bottom 10% of agents at the end of the month. As the night draws in, Penny Crick kills her closest rival to ensure survival and is driven to madness covering up the crime.


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