These are brief loglines for current feature film projects. Two page pitches or full scripts can be provided on request – just give me a shout.

Black comedy – The Lookalike – Completed draft

A jet black comedy about Walter Ziegler a successful celebrity lookalike of 90s sitcom star Frankie Farrell, whose life is decimated when his famous doppelgänger is accused of rape and the face that was Walter’s greatest gift becomes the face of a monster.

Horror/fantasy – Channel of the Dead – Completed draft

A zombie horror about the will to survive; Andy Rawlins, a misanthropic news reporter discovers he is miraculously cleared of the terminal cancer he hid from the world on the day he must go to work to play television host to the apocalypse.

Science fiction/Family – The Pinocchio Experiment – Currently writing

(story developed with director Johnny Kevorkian)

A family adventure movie; after Noah, a mute android boy turns up at their farmhouse pursued by soldiers, Cooper Thatcher is mistakenly kidnapped. Mia Thatcher, a nervous recluse must hunt down the secret facility with Noah’s help in order to rescue her bumbling husband.

Horror/thriller – Debt or Alive – Currently writing

Glengarry Glen Ross meets American Psycho. A cut-throat estate agency threatens to fire the bottom 10% of agents at the end of the month. As the night draws in, a desperate agent kills their closest rival to ensure their survival and is driven to madness covering up the crime.

Drama – Kill the Rabbit – In development

Beasts of the Southern Wild meets Seven Samurai; an adventure movie told through the eyes of Gidgit, a cartoon obsessed seven-year-old as her parents hire a gang of local thugs to protect their rural English pub from a horde of invading, extortionate criminals.

Science fiction – Prison Colony – In development

A near-future science fiction adventure; an African administrative clerk for a powerful corporation is forced into covering up black market deals for natural resources being funnelled out of the continent; with mineral reserves sucked dry and nuclear war ravaging the 1st world, the corporations take power and turn Africa into a prison colony; our hero must learn to fight his way out.

Dark comedy – Friendly Fire – In development

In Bruges, the war movie; a black comedy: On the verge of writing about another tech launch, a neurotic journalist is assigned to cover the evacuation of the last military base in Iraq; but when his convoy is attacked by ISIS and his group of ragtag US & UK soldiers take a hostage, the group fractures and the allied forces abandon them in the war torn country. He must convince the rogue soldiers to treat their captive humanely as they scramble for safety, and the Jihadi cell hunts them down.

Action – The Last Post – In development

A very British Die Hard in a Post Office; an army veteran working as a police officer in his local village is queuing to make the last post before Christmas to send presents to his estranged children when a band of criminals storm in.

Horror/fantasy – Keep Out of the Light – Completed draft

(In development with director Johnny Kevorkian)

A horror thriller that follows Alex’s transformation into a vampire. After he submits to his urges and kills his family, only his best friend Joe fights to keep him human. The two runaways escape to a hospice charity, where they fashion themselves as angels of mercy to feed his habit and save his soul by aiding the deaths of the terminally ill.

Science fiction – The Technician – Completed draft

Matt is an android sent on a kamikaze mission to destroy the enemy planet Arctis, tailed by a ship filled with a skeleton crew of humans and his creator. As the journey nears the end and Matt’s ship is forced to board with theirs for repairs, after years of solitude, he begins to question his destructive mission for the first time as the clock ticks down.

Drama – Thursday. Friday. – Completed draft

A drama that centres on contemporary Johannesburg, and four stories of desperation, hatred and hope in the modern, splintered new South Africa.

Drama – Paradise – Completed draft

(Written in collaboration with Auguste Rahmberg)

After a tragic car accident, in which a daughter is in the car that kills her mother, A hapless guilt-ridden American writer and his daughter make the solemn pilgrimage to deliver her body back to her home town of London, and reconnect with her estranged family.


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