These are brief loglines for current feature film projects. Two page pitches or full scripts can be provided on request – just give me a shout.

Siege/adventure/crime – Kill the Rabbit – Script

Mary Poppins with more gun fights. An adventure about Gidgit, a cartoon-obsessed girl whose parents hires a trio of drifter ex-soldiers to protect their Cornish pub from extortionate criminals. 

Horror/fantasy – Channel of the Dead Script

Pessimistic reporter Andy discovers he is miraculously cleared of the terminal cancer he hid from the world on the day his London news station plays host to the zombie apocalypse.

Black comedy – The Lookalike – Script

Walter is the deadbeat lookalike of a sitcom star. His face has always been his prize, but when his doppelgänger is accused of rape it becomes the face of a monster.

Horror/thriller – Debt or Alive – Script

North London estate agent Penny, bottom in sales and in line to be axed in the monthly cull by her cutthroat employer is driven to kill her closest rival to survive.

Action – The Last Post – Outline

Die Hard in a post office. While army veteran PC Billy Drummond queues for the last post before Christmas to send his estranged children their presents on time, a band of criminals storm in and take everyone hostage.

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