These are brief loglines for current and completed short film projects. Full scripts can be provided on request – just give me a shout.

Dark comedy – A Dog Is For Life – Pre-production

Suicidal and depressed, Demelza promises to leap from the cliffs of her Cornish village once her elderly dog Lucky, and last tie to the world dies. Can she find a reason to live before he snuffs it?

Dark comedy/fantasy – Monster Next Door – Completed draft

A dark comedy fantasy homage to Rear Window. The Tudor family are ethical human-friendly vampires hiding in suburbia who discover that their neighbour is a serial killer, and risk exposing their secrets to bring him to justice.

 Comedy drama – The Nursing Home – Completed draft – SEMIFINALIST AT AUSTIN FILM FESTIVAL 2016, SEMIFINALIST AT SOCAL FILM FESTIVAL 2017


A comedy of grief, loneliness and the draw of home. Pensioner Edwina struggles to define her place in the world after she is placed in a nursing home after the death of her husband.

Dark comedy – Exonerated – Completed draft

Rookie Cornish detective Sloane wrestles between justice and loyalty to her bullish veteran partner Mackendrick after he tries to frame an exonerated murderer of a new crime.

Thriller – The Right Words – Completed draft 

Max is a sociopathic Robin Hood, working as a Subject Access Request Officer in a sleepy English town, and selling sensitive information about predators to their survivors for financial reward. 

Drama/thriller – Clouded Rainbows – Completed draft

Two strands of the same story collide in Johannesburg, when grieving widow Danie Pienaar is set on a collision course with orphans Benny and Isaac Mabena, as Isaac struggles to wrestle Benny away from gang warfare; two families torn apart by death and destined to destroy each other.

Fantasy – The Transformation – Post-production

(In collaboration with director Johnny Kevorkian)

The Transformation is a found-footage horror that follows teenager Alex Harris’ transformation into a vampire, documented by his best friend, Joe; his descent into a blood-thirsty animal. 


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