These are brief loglines for current short film projects. Full scripts can be provided on request – just give me a shout.

Dark comedy – Dog Years – Post production (shot October 2020)

Suicidal and depressed, Demelza promises to leap from the cliffs of her Cornish village once her elderly dog Lucky, and last tie to the world dies. Can she find a reason to live before he snuffs it?

Comedy – Yeghes Da – Script

Ramona struggles with Tourette’s but is a passionate polyglot. After she discovers that the dying language of Cornish is the only one which does not set off her tics, Ramona and her sister Lena make a pilgrimage from Germany to Cornwall to find native speakers.

Dark comedy/fantasy – Monster Next Door – Script

A dark comedy fantasy homage to Rear Window. The Tudor family are ethical human-friendly vampires hiding in suburbia who discover that their neighbour is a serial killer, and risk exposing their secrets to bring him to justice.



A comedy of grief, loneliness and the draw of home. Pensioner Edwina struggles to define her place in the world after she is placed in a nursing home after the death of her husband.

Dark comedy – Exonerated – Script

Rookie Cornish detective Sloane wrestles between justice and loyalty to her bullish veteran partner Mackendrick after he tries to frame an exonerated murderer of a new crime.

Thriller – The Right Words – Script

Max is a sociopathic Robin Hood, working as a Subject Access Request Officer in a sleepy English town, and selling sensitive information about predators to their survivors for financial reward. 

Romantic Comedy – Spectrum – Outline

Viv is madly in love with Derek, but they have never met in person. He is desperate to have their first date, but Viv is petrified that Derek will reject her when he discovers that she is autistic.

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