These are brief loglines for current TV pilot projects. Two page pitches and full scripts can be provided on request – just give me a shout.

Dark comedy/Spy – Sleeper – Script

66-year-old Russian widow Yana’s quaint home counties retirement is upturned when her chemotherapy triggers dormant cold war post-hypnotic training as a Soviet sleeper agent.

Dark comedy/Crime – The Wild West Country – Script

Fargo meets Luther in a black comedy about Matilda Moody, a struggling PHD Criminology student who finds her quaint Cornish fishing village ruled by a vicious, diabolical family of drug smugglers 

Dark comedy/sci-fi – Give You Up – Outline

Teenage tearaway Tracy Rodda escapes her Cornish foster home and travels back to 1988 to put her birth parents on a track away from petty crime, drugs and alcohol abuse.

Crime drama – Kingdom. Power. Glory. – Outline

Congolese priest Father Kabila faces secrets and lies in his Donegal parish after he rejects a Vatican promotion to investigate the suspicious suicide of an abused local boy.

Crime drama – Ruthless – In development

Black, white, corrupt, honest, sympathetic, psychotic, cowardly, violent, tyrannical, oppressed, incompetent and complicated; this is the South African police during 1940s Apartheid South Africa.

Fantasy/Drama – Cape to Cairo – In development

Edgar, the mixed-race bastard of Victorian aristocracy is banished to the limbo of a remote African outpost and discovers a sinister English warlord ruling the frontier with mythical beasts and shamanistic magic.

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