These are brief loglines for current TV pilot projects. Two page pitches and full scripts  can be provided on request – just give me a shout.

Black comedy/Crime – The Wild West Country – Completed draft

A very quaint, British Fargo. A black comedy about Matilda Moody, a struggling PHD Criminology student who finds her quaint Cornish fishing village ruled by a vicious, diabolical family of drug smugglers.

Dark comedy – The Departed Talent Agency

Nancy, a lonely talent agent who only represents the estates of dead celebrities, discovers Olivia, a high-profile author on her books  faked her own death; Olivia searches for a comeback while Nancy searches for companionship with her only living client.

Drama – Ruthless – In development

Black, white, corrupt, honest, sympathetic, psychotic, cowardly, violent, tyrannical, oppressed, incompetent and complicated; this is the South African police during 1940s Apartheid South Africa.

Fantasy/Drama – Cape to Cairo – In development

The illegitimate mixed race son of English aristocracy in the late 19th century is banished by his guilty father to the limbo of running a remote African outpost. He discovers the secret mythical beasts and shamanistic magic manipulated by a sinister western warlord to rule the punishing frontier land.

Horror/Fantasy – The Pack – In development

Hamlet with Werewolves; a fantastical thriller set in Victorian high society. A young heir is forced to escape his home after he discovers a hereditary lycanthropy and his vicious uncle frames him for murdering his father to seize control of the family fortune. Returning to the now barren region in adulthood, he assumes an alias to destroy the oppressive dominion ruled by his uncle and a pack of bloodthirsty Werewolves who patrol the moors.



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